Jesus: Slab of Meat

Got your attention, didn’t it? Now, this isn’t a reflection on the goodness of the raw diet. Of being a vegan or a vegetarian or even a pescatarian. Jesus as a slab of meat… It was the topic of discussion among our staff this week as we reflected on the choices Christianity (and it’s purveyors of history) decided for us: that salvation was the end all be all of our journey. How sad that the collective wisdom decided that instead of following Micah 6:8: doing what is fair and just, compassionate, loyal and loving, we would be about the ticket to heaven.

It sickens me and cheapens Jesus to being just a slab of meat. Bleeding. So that we can run about checking off our list, rather than creating sanctuaries. How often do we decide that our ministry is about the church as destination, instead of the church as the out-of-doors, God-among-us?

It will take a mindset that is beyond a church program, where we want to insulate our people from the edges of culture. It means actually going to where the people are, showing them a way of love, rather than the prescribed set of “must-do’s” to inherit the kingdom of God. It’s a crazy conundrum, friends: we inhabit this world… and we are called to bring the realm of God here and now. That means that Jesus was more than meat: it means his message of hope for outcasts and all kinds is alive and well. Not in the past, but now.


One thought on “Jesus: Slab of Meat

  1. When all we see and all we respond to is Jesus on the cross – then, by word and action and by ritual and theology, we reduce Jesus to a slab of meat. Keeping Jesus on a cross makes for an easy theology. We can adore Jesus, worship Jesus, pray to Jesus, put Jesus on a pedestal, paint and sculpt and sing Jesus – anything – ANYTHING! – but follow Jesus.

    We get in trouble when we see Jesus off the cross – walking, being in and enjoying conversation and fellowship, challenging mindless legalism with thoughtful parables, responding to questions with questions evoking more countering questions, and dismantling long accepted answers with obvious possibilities of and even older divine calls for compassion and justice. This is not a safe Jesus. This is a Jesus who taught and lived so well that his example and message threatened the political and economic assumptions and expectations of those who claimed religious and secular power. Jesus was executed because he was succeeding.

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