Write for [D]mergent

Help us clear up the confusion!

We’re looking for submissions over the next month answering this question:

Given the turmoil in the world (e.g., Occupy movement, sexual abuse scandals, European economic upheaval, etc.), does the eschatology of Advent or the incarnation of Christmas better speak to our responsibilities as Christians?  (No weaseling out by saying, “both.”)

Help your peers to think through this important question.  Write something and send it to us at dmergent@gmail.com.


One thought on “Write for [D]mergent

  1. Just reminders, nothing more, nothing less. These situations occur in every age (century); but I doubt they have any religious significance unless one is fully accepting of some revealed religious dogma. It would be good if people of any so-called religion could see events as wake-up calls to live responsibly and humanely; end wars, support each other, accept and love each other as fully equal, but the nature of most institutionalized religions make that impossible. Perhaps all the events are useful, religious-wise, to remind folks to live the stuff they believe, walk the walk; be the good they say they espouse, help end the negative things and shore up the positive.

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