Dunkin’ Disciples

Baptism is…

Write to tell us how you would complete that sentence.


10 thoughts on “Dunkin’ Disciples

  1. An outward and symbolic ritual that symbolizes the change a person experiences because of their encounter with God. A ritual that symbolizes one’s commitment to follow the way of God, thought the example of Jesus. The beginning of a new life in Christ!

  2. a beautiful outward expression of faith and commitment and an even more wonderful personal experience of joyful connection to our Creator. Everytime I see someone baptized, I relive the moment I decided to make this public expression and again the moment of my own baptism.

    Thank you for reminding me…

  3. Baptism is a sign of what is already true–that we are all beloved children of God. In receiving baptism, one is choosing the Jesus path, living in the kindom of God here and now.

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