What I Believe, I think…

I believe that God is among us in ways beyond our comprehension and right in front of our faces. I believe that God in Christ bore witness to both the simple and upside-down ways that God loves all the world.  I believe that God is going about making all things new, in ways that we church folks can give witness to and in ways far away from anything we church folk would get near.
For me, God has made God’s self known through my relationships–relationships that are always calling into question all my assumptions about the rightness of things, relationships that always move me closer toward glimpsing God’s beloved community, relationships that I generally enter into either unknowingly or kicking-and-screaming, but that once I’ve experienced them, make me a fierce defender of each of these relationships. I believe that I do what I do (I’m a minister in a congregation) because of people.  And yet there are times when I love the idea of church; it’s just that the people drive me absolutely crazy.  And yet, I have stuck with it, and amazingly still get paid to do it.  I think I believe that God is behind all that.

By Scott Rollins


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