The Kingdom of God is…

[Nighthawks by Edward Hopper]

In my undergraduate studies I was blessed to study under Rev. Dr. James Goss. He was a pudgy, red faced little man with the heart of a lion and the compassion of a dove. I took a class titled “The Teachings of Jesus.”  I took this class figuring that I knew all I needed to know about Jesus to secure an “A” from this nondescript fella and steamroll my way to the President’s List.

We studied the Gospels all five of them! It was the first time in my life I was introduced to noncanonical works and introduced to the cultural world that scriptures were written in.  It was the first time I really looked at the parable and witnessed the Kingdom of God as more than a geographic location.  The Kingdom of God held me and molded me until I could embrace the dynamic undefinable space that could or could not be the Kingdom of God.  It was also the first semester that I was tankful for the C that I busted my hump for.

The Kingdom of God means many things to many people.  For the month of August let us explore the Kingdom of God together.  Please submit your contributions regarding “The Kingdom of God is…” to or submit them via wordpress if you all ready are a contributor.  If you would like to be registered as a contributor please send a request to as well.

Blessings and peace like a river, RK-P

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